plot twist: the person you like actually texts you back

plot twist: the person you like texts you first

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my life goal is to reblog this every monday
I’m tempted to set this up in my queue every Monday for a year.

See this every Monday, Reblog this every time.  (:

Perfection. Monday at 12:29am. Reblog everytime.

i’m checking out all new followers, and following back tons!

I saw this when I was walking home, and it just made me sad.

This hits hard.



Let’s play a fun game called “we’re just friends but I’d fuck you if you asked”

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baby steps to learning to love yourself :

- look in the mirror everyday and say “wow i’m super cute”

- drink lots of h20 

- wear whatever you’d like and don’t let anyone stop you

- ignore the scale

- eat lots of strawberries

- spend time with nature

- do things that make YOU feel good

- you got this

- i believe in you

- you’re worth it

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i’m checking out all new followers, and following back tons!



i want a relationship but i want them to be like a friend to me, i dont want the relationship to be all about kissing, making out and sex i just wanna hang out with them, and go places, and just have fun wherever we go

This post is surreal because that is exactly how a healthy relationship should be yet we’re convinced this is a weird and unusual thing to ask of our partners.

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a book by me